We use a manual hand tool to place life like individual hair strokes into the brow, this technique can only be done on normal to dry skin types to achieve perfect healed results

This technique is not suited for mature aged clients or oily skin. This technique is extremely skin dependent and we will only provide this service if we are certain you will obtain perfect results.

Suited for some skin types - oily skin is not suited

If you are unsure please email us a photo of your brows 


This technique is shading through the tail end of the brow and hair strokes at the front of the brow.using a manual hand tool 

Suited for most skin types 


We use a machine to shade the entire brow, the tail end is more dense and slowly fades out as it comes to the front of the brow. This will give the look of a soft powder filled brow once healed.

This technique can be done as soft or as defined as you like, we tailor to all clients 

This technique is the least painful

Ombre is the most natural when healed, is less invasive on the skin and lasts the longest, this technique is our most popular style in salon.

Suited for all skin types

Nano Combo Brows

This style is done with a machine and looks like a combo brow, the hair strokes are done with a machine instead of a manual hand tool this will last longer and is less invasive on the skin and less painful.

This is not suited for oily skin types

Lip Blush

Lip blush creates a soft filled lip and creates more definition. This technique is perfect for clients who have lost their lip border due to age or filler