Pre appointment and Aftercare instructions


  The day before your appointment please give your brows a light exfoliation, this allows for better retention! Please arrive to your appointment makeup free as we will most likely wipe off the forehead area whilst tattooing. Please come in black clothing as pigment can flick around while we are tattooing and we would hate to damage your clothing.

If you would like your brows waxed before coming please make sure this is done at least 1 week prior to your appointment, otherwise we will shape them on the day.

If you are on any medication you must advise us on the medication before booking.

If you are prone to keloid scarring you are unable to have cosmetic tattooing 

If you are running late please make sure you CALL the salon to give us the heads up, if you are more than 15 minutes late we will need to reschedule your appointment. 

Paid parking is available directly in front of the salon. 

Please note if you do not follow these pre care instructions your healed results are not guaranteed, the below information should be strictly followed. 

2 days prior: Please AVOID

- Exercise and excessive consumption of water 

- Alcohol

- ALL caffeine, eg energy drinks, coffee etc

- Ibuprofen, Aspirin, any pain killers that thin the blood

- Spices that thin the blood, chilli, cinnamon, turmeric etc 

7 days prior: Please AVOID

- Blood thinners (if you are unsure please email us your medication and we will let you know, please do not stop taking any medication without your doctors consent)

- Fish oil

-Vitamin E

- Brow Waxing and Tinting 

- Facials/Peels 

14 days prior: Please AVOID

- Retinol & Glycolic acid please discontinue the use of these products no less than 14 days before your appointment 

- Direct sun exposure, your tattoo will not work if you come in sunburnt

- Botox

-Solarium tanning 

This information is given to you to provide you with the best possible healed results, these instructions are to prevent bleeding.

If you bleed whilst we are tattooing this is going to push out the pigment therefore giving you poor results and wasting your money! Please follow all of these pre care instructions. 

For LIPS only 

24 HOURS PRIOR: If you are prone to cold sores please take 3 anti viral tablets if for any reason you don't take the tablets before the appointment and you are prone to cold sores please make sure you take them immediately after the appointment.

  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior

  • Avoid caffeine 24 hours prior  

Brow Aftercare 

You will be given a brow aftercare card with all information on the day of your appointment 

You will need to avoid exercising for 1 week and avoid direct sun exposure for 2 weeks please keep this in mind when selecting your date. You will not be able to wet the brows until all scabs have fallen off so keep this in mind as well. 

Your aftercare is 90% of the healed results, to get the best results you will need to follow all instructions. 


Lip blush aftercare

DAY 1: No lip to lip contact (kissing), no spicy food or hot drinks, soups etc apply aftercare ointment a few times per day

Lips can swell and bruise so it is recommended to apply ice when you get home


DAY 2-6: Apply ointment a few times per day lips will get darker and become flakey, do not pick/pull off dead skin

  • Let the dead skin fall off naturally THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT 

  • If you pick or pull off the dead skin you may cause scarring and pull out the pigment

  • You may need a touch up after 4 weeks but this is not always needed 



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